Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's a good unisex name for my kitten?

It's too little for me to tell if it's a boy or girl, but I want to give it a name, so what's a good name that would work for either one? The only things I can think of are Jo or Chris, neither one of which sound like a kitten name.

What's a good unisex name for my kitten?
K.C., short for Kitty Cat.
Reply:How about Tony/Toni (tony the tiger)

I like K.C. too! GOOD ONE
Reply:name it like it looks or acts ex. oreo, buttercup, cashmir, lucky, lazy, ect .
Reply:I call my dog, Weiner Dog, that's what he is. Heck, it's how he acts.
Reply:Robin? Taylor? Oreo? or better yet how about just plain ole Frisky?
Reply:Name your kitten after your favourite booze. Tanqueray or Bordeaux would be nice unisex names! :)
Reply:I call all my cats "kitty", but the current one is officially named "Oreo".
Reply:I would say Max. If it turns out to be a boy, then Max stays, if it turns into a girl, Maxi.

If you don't like that, how about Alex.

We have a cat names Mo. It is short for Moving. The reason was when we got him, the apartment we had didn't allow cats so if they found out about him, moving we would be. So Moving became his name.
Reply:Watch the kitty and see what it does that is cute. then name it after that.

i got a kitten and named him Cyrus, but then he bombed the litter box and cleared out my one BR apt. his name was Stink after that.
Reply:Our cat is called Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unamatrix Zero One (you need to be a Trekkie to appreciate this!). We call her Seven for short.

Reply:I have a calico cat who I named Kali, one cat that sounded like a "squeak" toy when she cried so her name became Squeakie. My husband named our one cat Gizmo because the Gizmo Movie was popular than.

You will know if the cat is a calico color it is going to be a female cause male calico cats are rare ... you could copy mine by calling her Cali or Kali. Or think of something that can be used for male or female ... Muffin, Tigger if it is a tiger cat ... can be either male or female, Fluffy if your cat has long hair.

Even if you have a favorite TV or movie character that could be either boy or girl. Also, Taffy ... I have had orange tiger cats .. both male and female throughout my life that were named Taffy .... Use your imagination. You may be surprised just how origional you can be. I even had a Siamese Cat that I was little and her eyes reminded me of my mother's Sapphire ring ... thus Sapphire became her name ... Jewel is one you could use too ... cause most cats are jewels ... no matter what the sex.

Reply:we named one of our cats baby girl when we thought it was a girl but 2 weeks before we got HIM fixed his balls came in (he was 6 mths old) so we just call him baby it goes for a boy or girl

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